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Hands Free Daycare RegistrationKingston Day Care is very pleased to share some program highlights and special news items with our website visitors. Special events and activities occur on a regular basis at our child care centres, these extra efforts heighten the level of quality in each program and enhance the daily experiences we provide as early childhood educators.

Kingston Day Care Celebrates 50 years of Excellence in Early Childhood Learning 1967-2017

Kingston Day Care was established in 1967 and since that time has successfully grown from offering 1 early childhood setting to a total of 4 highly respected early learning programs in the greater City of Kingston!  We are extremely proud of this milestone and are committed to continuing to offer highly progressive early learning programs for the children and families in our community.  Play, Explore and Be…..


Wait lists for Kingston Day Care are now available at

Once a space is confirmed by Kingston Day Care, our Registration Form and on-line Application will be made available on Kingston Day Care’s Register Page.

We look forward to welcoming all new families to Kingston Day Care!

Continuous Professional Learning

The College of Early Childhood Educators introduced the Continuous Learning Program for Ontario's' Registered Early Childhood Educators. Kingston Day Care's educators are actively engaged in continuous professional development and learning to enhance their practice. The Learning Opportunities that our team continue to engage in are countless and have included webinars, professional reading, workshops, conferences, professional networking within both our own agency & the community, and job shadowing. We are committed to ensuring that our professional learning will continue to flourish and grow.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Kingston Day Care is proud to once again participate in KFLA's "Growing Little Sprouts" program in 2017. Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Physical Activity are this year's areas of focus and 3 champions from Kingston Day Care are actively contributing ideas to help develop KFLA's new 2017 Resource Guide.

Our Children and the Environment

Natural materials and soft, calming colors are found throughout each of Kingston Day Care's child care settings. Plants, wicker and natural wood products also help to create a homey and nurturing atmosphere. Bringing elements of nature into our programs has helped to convey a sense of tranquility and calmness while sparking much curiosity and wonder both indoors and outdoors.

Photo Galleries

View Kingston Day Care Photo Galleries We invite you to browse through Kingston Day Care's photo gallery to experience the nurturing and  educational environments offered at St. Martha Child Care Centre, Trillium Child Care Centre, Collins Bay Child Care Centre, and Our Lady of Lourdes Before and After School Programs!


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St. Martha's Child Care
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Trillium Child Care
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Our Lady of Lourdes


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