Kingston Day Care’s Program Statement

Kingston Day Care’s Program Statement reflects the Minister of Education’s Policy Statement on Programming and Pedagogy made under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.
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At Kingston Day Care: “We are in the business of encouraging people. We offer a caring and nurturing environment where all participants learn and grow to reach their full human potential.” We view children as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. We view our educators as high quality early childhood specialists who value and respect each child and understand the significance of both the physical and social environment as it pertains to their PLAY.

Our mission and program statement is the purpose of our existence and it is important that all staff develops an understanding of this and incorporates these principles into the day to day operations of the programs. “We help children discover and share the wonder of life by providing a nurturing environment where all can play, explore and be.”

At Kingston Day Care we provide encouraging and nurturing environments which foster exploration, play and inquiry.  We are committed to providing high quality interactive, child initiated programs. Our programs are enriched by building relationships with parents and community partners.

Our mission is achieved through a Program Statement which specifically outlines and supports how we reach our goals in creating positive learning environments for children.  In order to achieve our program goals we promote and support:

  1. The health, safety, well-being and nutrition for our children.  We create a safe and welcoming environment where children feel a sense of belonging.  We ensure that the environment is safe by conducting daily observations of the children and the physical environment, monthly health and safety inspections, annual health and safety inspections and we ensure all required information is posted and up to date as required by the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014.

We ensure that children in our care are receiving the highest level of nutrition and that safety precautions are taken to ensure a safe and healthy food environment.  We respect individual differences in children and DO NOT use nutrition as a reward or for punitive purposes.  We resource information from Public Health, Canada’s Food Guide, Better Beginnings  and Best Start to ensure a healthy food environment for all.

  1. Positive and responsive interactions with children, parents and staff.  We foster open and respectful communications with children, parents, community partners and colleagues creating an environment that welcomes and values their unique input, opinions and conversations.  We achieve this daily by allowing time for exchange of information at drop-off and pick-up times, scheduling meeting times as needed or as requested, participating in transitional meetings and by offering support and guidance in a positive and respectful manner. 
  2. Positive interactions with children. We encourage children to interact and communicate in a positive way.  We create an environment where children feel a sense of belonging and a sense of control in an environment that allows them to create their own space.  We observe and record observations to demonstrate positive interactions and a feeling of belonging. We evaluate observations and make adjustments to the environment that is reflective and supportive of the children’s needs. We encourage each child to be engaged and involved, and support the development of their self-regulation by forming a positive day to day connection with each of them.  We achieve this by recognizing children as capable and competent learners and ensuring that the 4 foundations of learning ~ Belonging, Engagement, Expression and Well-Being ~ are a focus in everything we do. We employ the highest calibre of Educators to ensure that children’s needs and capabilities are being recognized, appreciated and understood. 
  3. An environment that is arranged to encourage intentional play-based learning and discovery.  Materials and activities are available and accessible throughout the day to allow free movement and free choice.  A resource library of play materials that stimulate the imagination and set up invitations for play, exploration, investigation and social interaction, will be shared by all Kingston Day Care programs.  Natural and authentic materials are offered to encourage curiosity and discovery.  We recognize the environment as the “third teacher”; we invite the outside in and bring the insideout to encourage a continuation and extension in play. We actively engage, listen and enhance what is offered in the play environment.
  4. Individual needs and differences.  We recognize that all children are unique and that they develop at different stages.  We know that through ongoing engagement and observation of children that each child’s learning and development is supported. Observations are recorded through various forms of documentation and communicated to parents.
  5. An environment that recognizes and respects differing needs of children when they play: indoors and outdoors, during both active and quiet play and when at rest.  Our programs are designed to respect individual needs and differences: our daily routine is flexible responding to children’s ability to make choices and to self-regulate.  We manage staffing so that smaller groups of children are able to play outdoors while others remain inside.  We provide a comfortable and quiet rest time for those who require rest and also quiet play areas for those who do not. We adapt routines to correspond with the needs of the children. We are supportive of children’s strengths, needs and differences.
  6. Engaging with parents and providing on-going communication.  This is achieved through daily exchanges, photo documentation, emails, newsletters, postings and website information.  We use these various avenues of communication to encourage and promote positive and ongoing exchanges of information with parents.
  7. Community partnerships. Our community partners are a vital part of our programs.  We value and respect these partnerships as they enhance our programs and most importantly support our children, families and staff.  We welcome new partnerships that will enrich our programs and ultimately the children’s growth and development.  To ensure strength and quality of partnerships we: contribute to school newsletters, participate in special events (Open Houses), participate in ‘Transition to School’ meetings, collaborate with Parents and resource groups such as Community Living Kingston to create ‘Individual Support Plans’ for children.  We celebrate our seniors and enjoy the benefit of intergenerational programming at ‘Story Time’, Birthday Socials and other special events. 
  8. Continuous Professional Learning.  Kingston Day Care is committed to achieving high standards and quality assurance by promoting and providing Professional Development opportunities for our staff on an ongoing basis.  As outlined by the College of Early Childhood Educators staff will develop a professional learning portfolio which will outline their goals and professional development needs.  We encourage staff to attend community meetings (Professional Learning Community), participate in projects with Public Health and like agencies, lead ‘All Staff’ meetings at Kingston Day Care to share expertise and success, and to actively search for additional learning opportunities.
  9. Performance reviews and evaluations of educators and the programs we offer.  It is our belief that our Program Statement is reflected in our performance. We will review our program statement annually to ensure we are successfully attaining our goals and objectives that were strategically planned to ensure the children in our care are receiving high quality programming and experiences that promote positive outcomes in relationship to their learning, development, health and well-being.  We will review the Pedagogy document and ELECT document to evaluate our programs to ensure we are always considering the child first. Staff monitoring and Client Surveys will be critical in assessing our programs.  Collaborative ‘All Staff’ meetings will be held quarterly for review and discussion of program implementation. Staff performance reviews will be completed annually and Exit Surveys will be completed to evaluate staff satisfaction.  Parents and community partners will be a vital part of this review and the planning and growth of our program statement.
  10. Kingston Day Care utilizes the How Does Learning Happen (HDLH) document to provide information, guidance and support to its staff members on ways to engage in positive, responsive interactions that are critical for children’s overall learning, development, health and well-being.

For more information please access:
Early Years Portal ~ How Does Learning Happen?
Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children

 Kingston Day Care’s Program Statement will be reviewed with all new staff, students, and volunteers prior to interacting with the children and at any time when the program statement is modified.  Amendments to the Program Statement will be shared verbally, posted internally and on our website. Employees are required to sign in acknowledgement and understanding of the Program Statement and any revisions or updates.  The General Manager or Supervisor who completes the review with the staff member is required to provide their name and signature acknowledging that the review has been completed.

Detailed operational policies and procedures that support Kingston Day Care’s Program Statement will also be reviewed with all new staff, students and volunteers annually and at any time there are modification or revisions.  All amendments or additions to the policies will be posted for review. Employees are required to sign in acknowledgement and understanding of the Program Statement and any revisions or updates.  The General Manager or Supervisor who completes the review with the staff member is required to provide their name and signature acknowledging that the review has been completed. In the case of the General Manager and Supervisors the Executive Director and General Manger will keep record of each review.  In the case of the Executive Director the Board Chair in conjunction with the General Manger will ensure review and compliance.

NOTE: Kingston Day Care does not accept students or volunteers into their child care programs at this time.

Our Vision

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are in the business of encouraging

We offer a caring and nurturing environment where all participants learn and grow to reach their full human potential

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