Kingston Day Care Electronic Day Care Registration and Application System

Hands Free Daycare RegistrationOur Day Care Portal provides a quick easy process to enroll a child in all Kingston Day Care Child Care Centres, securely via the Internet. The portal allows the parent to interact in some way with the child care facility. This method of enrollment benefits our parents and Kingston Day Care by increasing efficiency and productivity. Our Day Care Portal application allows parents to register and complete forms online anytime and anywhere.

Kingston Day Care Registration Process

Centralized Childcare Registry and Information Service

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Access Registration System

Access Kingston Day Care PortalAccess the Kingston Day Care Portal Here
Prepare a child profile form to register your child for any of Kingston Day Care (4) Child Care Centres.

Please view our Parent Handbooks when you are ready to complete the Application process.


Quick Access to Kingston Day Care PortalAn easy interactive step by step process is viewed by the parent/guardian to help make the enrollment process easy and more important quick.

  • Virtually Paperless Process contributes to our dedication to a Greener Planet
  • Faster and easier which is important in our busy lives
  • Instant 24/7 access
  • Streamlined Process provides a consistent experience
  • Visually appealing, personalized experience for all members. A personalized parent page helps keep the parent informed about where they are in the process
  • The entire system from data storage to emailing is SSL encrypted which means children’s personal information is not accessible to unauthorized viewers

Need Help!

Get help on Kingston Daycare Electronic Day Care RegistrationWe want to ensure that your Day Care Online Registration experience is a good one. Please use our Contact Form to let us know of any technical issues regarding the system or a web page in general. If you require immediate assistance and wish to speak to someone directly, please refer to the contact information provided.